Workshop: Smart Destination Danube

| von 08:30 bis 12:30 | Tabakfabrik
The Danube as a Transnational Cultural Route - Perspectives for ‘Hidden Places’

A vision for the Danube region: the Danube as a leading ‘Smart Destination River Region’ in the world. The goal is to further develop the Danube as a transnational cultural travel route. Together, the perspectives for the valorisation of the Danube in cultural tourism are explored and discussed.

The aim of the workshop is to develop common perspectives for the future of the Danube in cultural tourism and to use European funds and programs within the European Danube Region Strategy for joint projects. The workshop should give the opportunity to connect the actors and experts of the Danube region.

Another goal is to jointly discuss the potentials of a common organizational structure along the Danube. The Tourism Board Linz and the Danube Region Upper Austria have the vision to establish a transnational Danube Network Unit, which is responsible for joint marketing activities and the development of products and projects along the Danube. Furthermore this network unit should be focusing on the touristic and cultural valorization of the Danube for individual tourism.

People from the field of culture, tourism and economy are invited to participate in the discussion.

Content and expectations of the workshop:

  • Showcase best practice projects in tourism and culture
  • Bring the actors of tourism, - culture, - economic field together and interact
  • Create space for more collaboration and more direct exchange
  • Promote greater networking of the cultural scene in the Danube region.


Parallel Sessions:

Session 1: Integration of the Danube as a cultural route

Why is it necessary to develop a transnational cultural travel route Danube?


  • Valorization of ‘Hidden Places’
  • Create new narratives / Danube stories (Cultural history of the Danube - the historical highlights)
  • Transnational cooperation / building a transnational Danube structure (Vision: Danube Hub Network Office)


Session 2: Danube Story Design

Which marketing strategies and product development activities are needed for a common Danube transnational cultural travel route?


  • Annual topics / development of common cross-border narratives
  • Markets and target groups, product development (guided tours, publications, congresses, excursions, exhibition projects, film projects)
  • Capitalization of all existing projects within the framework of the EU Danube Region
  • Strategy in terms of tourist use (Sustainability of projects, what can tourism do?)
  • EU funding programs: financing, promotion, partner search, organizational structure, project management, networking of Danube projects

 Workshop language: English





Sylvia Amann

Sylvia Amann, inforelais (, a consultant for the development of meaningful strategies and cooperation projects is specialising in culture, regional development and European cooperation. European engagements include inter alia her membership in the European Capital of Culture panel.

Sylvia AMANN 2017 3 Donauworkshop


Balazs Kovacs

Balazs Kovacs is CEO from the Vieanna based GD Consulting and offers practical skills and a vast network of influencers and decision makers in the field of tourism and destination marketing. He managed projects and studies regarding the EU tourism sector. He lives in Austria for 10 years.

Balazs Kovacs homepage Donauworkshop


Peter Langer

Peter Langer is dedicated to being part of the European Community in the Danube Region. The International Danube Festival Ulm / Neu-Ulm, the Danube Office Ulm, the European Danube Academy and many other Danube projects and events have been initiated by him. The Council of Danube Cities and Regions was an important catalyst in the development of EU Danube Strategy.

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Petra Riffert

Petra Riffert is managing director of the Danube Region Upper Austria (Werbegemeinschaft Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH) and has been managing the tourist affairs of the Upper Austrian Danube region for 25 years. Since 2008 she is also the managing director of ARGE Donau Österreich.

Petra Riffert c WGD Donau Oberoesterreich Tourismus GmbH Tom Mesic Donauworkshop


Georg Steiner

Besides the successful development of the European Capital of Culture in 2009, Georg Steiner was general manager of the Tourism Board of Eastern Bavaria (1999-2007), as well as general manager of the Danube Shipping Company Wurm + Köck in Passau (1990-1999). Furthermore, he was teaching tourism related courses at the University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf, University of Applied Sciences Munich, as well as University of Passau. Tourism in Linz has followed new paths since the European Capital of Culture 2009. Projects of Linz09 have been further developed for an authentic city experience and a successful urban and cultural tourism concept has been developed. Georg Steiner sees himself as a translator of cultural projects and shows how culture and tourism can be presented in a new quality. Among other things, he realized transnational and international EU projects.

Tourismusdirektor Georg Steiner c linztourismus tom mesic Donauworkshop